How To Make Your Kindle Fire Battery Last Longer

The Kindle Fire typically provides up to 8 hours of continuous reading or 7.5 hours of video playback (with the wireless off). But there are ways to get more out of your Kindle Fire's battery. Here are a few tips that will help. (Note that these tips apply to most tablets, iPads, mobile devices and ereaders.)
Here's what we you need to do to extend the battery life of your Kindle Fire:

1. Turn down the screen brightness. 
Here's how: Tap the Quick Settings icon, then the Brightness icon to adjust brightness settings.

2. Turn off your Wi-Fi connection when you don't need it. For example, you don't need a wireless connection while using your Kindle Fire for a prolonged period to read, watch a video, or listen to music, as long as you are accessing content that's already been downloaded to your device. Here's how: Tap the Quick Settings icon, then the Wi-Fi icon and slide the Wireless Networking switch to the off position.

3. Pop in some headphones so you're not cranking sound through the speakers, which zaps your battery.

4. Change your e-mail app settings by reducing how frequently the e-mail app is checking for new messages. Here's how:

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps, then tap the Email app icon.
  • Tap the Menu icon at the bottom of the screen, then Settings, then Fetch new messages.
  • Change settings to a less frequent time, such as 1 hour or manual. (Note: Changing to Manual will require you to refresh your inbox manually to view new mail.)

And that's it. Using one or all of these tips will drastically improve the battery life of your Kindle Fire.

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