Ebook Reader File Types: What are they?

Author: Paul Shadmy

Any good ebook reader review will include the file types of ebooks that it uses. This should be one of the main points that you look for in deciding which ebook reader you are going to buy. First, it is an important factor in where you will source your ebooks. Second, you may need to transfer or convert your ebooks later if you change your ebook reader.

(For ease of use, and reference, file types are in uppercase minus the preceding separator.)
As with music and video there are a number of different file types for ebooks. Presently there is no accepted standard for ebooks although PDF is widely available. The jury is still out on who will win the battle.

The list of file types below are the most popular you will come across. It is not complete and does not include many of the proprietary file types that some readers use.

PDF files are widely available. This has come about because of the adobe reader (previously the Acrobat Reader) that is supplied with MS Windows. The file type also supports graphics and color. It is supported by most of the popular ebook readers.

AZW files were created by Amazon exclusively for the Kindle. The files are based on the mobipocket standard and there are a number of software utilities available to convert them to other formats.

EPUB is an open source standard. It is supported by most mainstream ebook readers. The file type is used mainly by publishers who wish a higher level of security.

LRF/LRX are not usually displayed but are used in the BeBook standard. This is a proprietary standard used by Sony ebook readers. Although Sony no longer stock ebooks in the BeBook standard their ebook readers still support it.

PRC is the mobipocket format. It is used widely on mobile phones and PDA's. The Kindle also supports this file type.

DOC and TXT files are a generally accepted document type files. Although many ebook readers support these file types they would be more useful if you were intending to use your ebook reader for business as well.

MP3 - Okay, this is not an ebook file type but ebook readers support it. It can be used for audio books and listening to music while you read. Make sure the reader has an audio jack for headphones so you don't disturb other people.

Some individual ebook readers will support their own file types but generally the trend is towards PDF and EPUB. Now that Amazon has introduced support for PDF on the Kindle, albeit by an offline conversion procedure, the standard looks set for the future.

In general the file types that an ebook reader can use are not that important. Any book will be available in any format if you search enough. Please remember if you are converting books to another file format to convert only books you own and be aware of any copyright restrictions.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/computers-articles/ebook-reader-file-types-3956461.html

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